Silicone molds for resin in casting process

January 14, 2022
I wanna be in the cavalry

Epoxy resin casting professionals often face the necessity to clean up all the tools they use for molding. This could be one of the hardest parts of the casting, but there are smart tools like silicone molds for resin which almost totally reduce the difficulties related to the cleaning process. The forms are soft and flexible, so it will be easy to remove all the particles after the layer is solidified.

Despite being made from silicone their structure remains durable and suitable for continuous use. Molds are resistant to heat and in case of heating them up silicone won't be melted. This is good because some accessories made from resin should be transparent and to remove oxygen bubbles is easy by hot air flow. Such items are affordable, can be of different sizes, don't need special care and significantly improve the quality of casting.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

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