If you want to work in the mounted police

April 14, 2022
Christmas dinner at Royal

Mounted patrol provides peace. They prohibit drinking of alcoholic beverages, monitor picnic areas and make sure that there is no fire.

To work in the mounted police means to be ready for any situation, to be able to fence, shoot and catch the enemy on the go. And the list doesn't end there. You can find basic information on the Poster Holder in some police stations.

The work of a mounted policeman on the street refers to:

  • patrolling areas;
  • detention of criminals;
  • drafting administrative documents;
  • conducting legal information.

And also the employee needs to monitor the "partner" daily, care for and clean up after him. If a person ignores these points, then he will not be allowed to work.

Image by Rosivan Morais from Pexels

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