What is the United Kingdom associated with?

July 6, 2020
Brazilian Mounted Police

The United Kingdom is a country of tradition. Speaking of Great Britain, each of us thinks about something traditional, that personifies Britain for him or her personally. Of course, different people may have different associations. Someone will remember Big Ben and the Tower; someone will think about English tea or traditional pudding. Great Britain is both Stonehenge and double-decker buses. Even cloudy weather for someone is the personification of Britain.

British police, in particular, mounted police, are also part of the country's image. These calm and friendly men and women maintain order in the street, come to the rescue in case of an accident, or simply help find the way. The traditional form of police is not only a tribute to history but also a peculiar way of attracting attention. In any case, the attention of tourists to the mounted police is definitely provided!

The BBC is a complex of radio, Internet and television broadcasting in the UK, and it is also one of the symbols of the country. Perhaps no other broadcasting company is so famous outside the United Kingdom. The BBC is the personification of the British spirit, and they are happy to support this image. This is all the more important because today the broadcasts of BBC radio1, 2, 3, radio 4 and others are listened to all over the world, including thanks to Internet radio.

Radioguide.fm is a website that will help you choose your favorite radio station in the big ocean of online radio. You can type the name of the radio station you want to listen to, for example, bbc radio 4, and you can select only the country and (or) genre, or keyword, for example, sports or music. Radioguide.fm gives you the power to choose from thousands of radio stations around the world.

Choose what interests you, join the culture of the country. Really, it's worth it.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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