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December 5, 2020
Where Do Police Horses Come

Horse TrainingThe Merseyside Police Mounted Section comprises of 16 highly trained horses, 14 Constables, 2 Sergeants and 1 Inspector. To assist the Police Officers there are 6 animal welfare assistants and 1 Stable Manager. These valued members of staff are qualified Animal Welfare Professionals who take care of the horses in the absence of Police Officers and many of them have had a life-long association with equine welfare. They also maintain the stable yard and prepare the riding equipment for use by Officers.

The main duties of the Police Officers within the department are to police large-scale events within Merseyside such as the Liverpool International Music Festival, football matches at Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere FC, Rugby matches at St Helens, organised marches throughout the force area, spontaneous or planned protests and in civil disorder situations such as those experienced across the country in 2011.Policehorses The job of a Mounted Police Officer is incredibly varied and all Officers are highly trained qualified riders who undergo weekly training and annual requalification.

Aside from the dynamic and crime fighting aspects of Policing the Mounted Section are by far the most approachable and family friendly department in the force and we are happy to introduce our horses to the public at any opportunity we get. We value greatly the effect our horses have on children and adults alike and they are a marvellous way to break the ice with everyone we meet. We do accept visitors to the stables too so the public can get an opportunity to see behind closed stable doors! We try to accommodate as many requests as we can but this is by appointment only. We are also happy to visit community events and schools so we can meet and mingle with the public as much as possible.

History of Mounted Section

Our Mounted Section have always played an important part in our force. The following video from our archives was taken in 1958:

Contacting Us

If you see us out and about please stop us to say hello, we're looking forward to meeting you!

For more information you can email us at:

Or you can write to us at:

On the job with a mounted police officer
On the job with a mounted police officer
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Odd Jobs: Mounted Police Face Tourists, Traffic and Odor
Mounted Police
Mounted Police
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